Saloni Narayankar

About Saloni

My career in Interior Design was a chance occurrence. I was a homemaker with a penchant for artistically doing up my home or helping my friends with theirs. I've always had good aesthetic sense and an eye for detail, but I never went beyond treating my interest in interior design as more than a hobby.

An internship with an architect changed all that. During those 2 weeks, I discovered the scope and magic of Interior Design. I realized that there is so much more to design than just décor and details. Spurred on by the internship, I finally decided to teach myself the technical aspects of design, and started working with Murthy & Manyam as their Interior Designer – designing while learning on the job.

I am proud of what I achieved in those 2 years at M&M and thereafter. Starting off with a limited understanding of interior design, I've designed an entire university in Hyderabad for Symbiosis, one of the most acclaimed restaurants and multiple residential projects, in and outside Hyderabad.

I am versatile and like to understand my clients’ requirements and preferences and incorporate them in my design. I do not tie myself down with a specific style. In my portfolio, every space is different.